Private coaching for GMAT

You can give your score a significant boost by hiring a private tutor for GMAT

Why hire a private tutor for GMAT prep?

A private tutor for GMAT can help you in the following situations

  • You have already attempted GMAT but need to improve your score further

  • You have already prepared on your own but need expert assistance in the last and most crucial phase of your preparation

  • You want to top-up your existing coaching with private sessions with a reputed and experienced instructor

Why prepare for GMAT with Murtuza Gadiwala?

Murtuza Gadiwala is one of the most well known instructors for GMAT internationally. He has unmatched command over GMAT because he tutors exclusively for this exam. His credentials are as follows

  • 99th percentile score on GMAT

  • Two decades of teaching experience

  • Exclusive GMAT focus

  • Past students admitted to HBS, LBS, Booth, Yale, Stanford, ISB with score improvement to 760 levels from 670+

How does it work?

In the private coaching course, you will go through the following steps

Step 1: Diagnostic Tests to identify your strong and weak areas

Step 2: A 45-minute call with Murtuza to work out a course plan based on your performance in the diagnostic tests & ESR analysis (if available)

Step 3: A series of private GMAT sessions focusing on

  • fine tuning of any conceptual areas that are revealed as weak

  • more efficient application of concepts & rules

  • optimizing your approach while solving questions

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