GMAT coaching

Choose from course options that are thoughtfully designed to meet each GMAT aspirant's individual requirements

GMAT private coaching
  • Fully customized course

  • Top instructor

  • Ideal for 2nd GMAT attempt

GMAT group coaching


  • Small class size

  • In-depth coverage

  • Supporting online material


GMAT self study
  • On-demand online course

  • Designed by 99th percentile instructor

  • End-to-end coverage

How to choose the right type of course for GMAT preparation?

In order to help you decide which is the right GMAT course for you, we have compared the three popular courses below.

Choose private coaching for GMAT if you meet any of the following conditions

  • You have attempted GMAT and wish to retake the exam. The course will be suitable for you if you have scored above 32 in the Verbal (VA) section and above 45 in the Quant (QA) section. If the scores are below the levels mentioned, choose the group coaching option.

  • You have prepared for GMAT on your own and are scoring above the levels mentioned in both the sections in your official mock GMAT exams.

  • You are already signed up with another GMAT coaching class or an e-learning course and need expert assistance to improve further

Choose any of our group coaching courses for GMAT if

  • You have yet to start preparing for GMAT or have just started preparing

  • You have started preparing for GMAT but realize that you need help with concepts as well as solving techniques

  • You have attempted GMAT but your scores are much below acceptable levels

  • You are doing well in one section but no so in the other section. In that case, you also have the option of signing up for just the Verbal section or just the Quant section, as the need may be

Choose the on-demand self-paced online course for GMAT if

  • You are confident that you will be able to prepare on your own with the right study material and content

  • Your work timing or budget does not permit you to attend the regular course

  • You can inculcate the learning discipline needed for such courses and can analyze your performance independently as you go along

  • You have to attempt the GMAT exam in less than 6 weeks and need either study material or practice tests or both at an affordable price