In-person GMAT coaching in Mumbai

#1 instructor. Small class size.

Your opportunity to learn GMAT concepts, tricks, shortcuts and strategies face-to-face in Mumbai from one of the best instructors in the field.


Fabian Katrak

GMAT 760

Admitted to Yale

Anumita Chakrabarti

GMAT 760

Admitted to Chicago Booth

Abhishek Mutha

GMAT 760

Admitted to UCLA Anderson

Pervez Asli

GMAT 750

Admitted to Harvard

You get to prepare in-person in Mumbai with #1 instructor Murtuza Gadiwala

Sharp Minds founder, author, and GMAT instructor Murtuza Gadiwala

Murtuza Gadiwala is an experienced and trusted GMAT instructor. He is the author of 'MBA Entrance Made easy' and was Education World magazine's Young Achiever in 2004. He has two decades of coaching experience.

New batches every month 

Small class size

Maximum personal attention 

Your best option if you're looking for GMAT coaching in Mumbai

What you'll learn in this course

All concepts that are tested in the Quant, Verbal, AWA, and IR sections of GMAT

How to use logic and common sense for tackling questions on the exam

Unconventional, fast methods (not taught anywhere else) for solving questions under timed conditions

Exam strategy & Time-management even on the hardest of GMAT questions


Are all GMAT classes at your Mumbai center conducted by Murtuza Gadiwala?

Yes. Murtuza has a 99th percentile score on GMAT. He has almost 2 decades of teaching experience in both Quant and Verbal areas of GMAT. 

When you sign-up for our GMAT coaching in Mumbai, you are aware of the instructor in advance. and do not run the risk of being taught by someone whose credentials may not be known to you before you sign-up.

What is the course duration?

Course duration is approx. 4 months. However, we cover almost 80% of the sessions in the first 2 months of the course, and then have additional practice sessions. for another 8 weeks.

Do you offer in-person coaching for GMAT in other cities besides Mumbai?

Where in Mumbai do you conduct your GMAT classes?

We presently conduct GMAT classes in Mumbai at Dadar and Andheri.

What if I miss a class? Can I attend later? Do you share recordings?

In case you miss a class, you can cover-up with a later batch. In any case, we share all class recordings with you, so you even have the option of viewing the same. 

Can I join this course if I am reattempting GMAT?

That depends on yout score in the first attempt. In case you have scored 680 or higher on your first attempt, then our Private GMAT Tutoring option will be more appropriate as it is designed specifically for such situations. Otherwise, you may opt for this course.

How does this course differ from other GMAT coaching options available in Mumbai or online?

The main reason for signing-up with a GMAT class is to gain from the inputs provided by the instructor (study material is available for free anyway, so the premium you are paying is for the interactive coaching). Murtuza packs in 2 decades of expertize and command over GMAT and provides you with methods and approaches that you won't find elsewhere. Since he coaches exclusively for GMAT, he is able to give his full attention to this exam, and since the class size is small, you get a lot of personal attention as a student. Most other coaching classes in Mumbai are into mass coaching, and start multiple batches across centers in parallel. On the other hand, Murtuza takes in a very limited number of students at any given point in time, thereby ensuring that each student get the attention and coaching that he / she deserves.