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GMAT Preparation with Sharp Minds

Give your GMAT preparation a boost with 3 tailored courses offered by Sharp Minds GMAT Prep. We have a GMAT study plan that works well for candidates with varied levels of Quant and Verbal strengths and weaknesses.

Also, get the edge in applications with the MBA Admissions Consulting package

1. GMAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

Our GMAT preparation classes In Mumbai cover the full GMAT syllabus viz. all 4 sections of GMAT

In-depth coverage of all Quantitative Ability (Math) concepts and topics tested on GMAT, including exhaustive practice of solving questions in the Data Sufficiency question format

Detailed coverage of all important Grammar Rules that are regularly tested in the Sentence Correction (SC) section of GMAT

We discuss all 10 types of Critical Reasoning (CR) Question types that are regularly asked on GMAT. We also look at some variants of these CR question types.

We examine the different RC Passages asked as part of the Reading Comprehension (RC) section of GMAT, and also discuss the regularly asked question types, including Explicit Idea questions, Inference questions in RC, Logical Structure questions, and Primary Purpose questions

Our GMAT preparation course in Mumbai also  covers the AWA section of GMAT, We discuss How to draft the essay, How to structure the essay, and What content to include and what content to omit

The course also covers the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of GMAT, including Graphics Interpretation, 2-part Analysis, Table Analysis,and Multi-source reasoning question types

You get pre-class GMAT preparation content in mobile-friendly online format, which includes explanation videos and quizzes.

You get 24*7 access to our Online portal covering all basic concepts that get you fully prepared for GMAT

You get full access to online topic wise practice exercises and to GMAT section wise tests with solutions

We also provide you with Full Length Mock GMAT Tests in the latest GMAT format

Even after classes are over, you can approach us for doubt solving sessions with 99th percentile GMAT faculty Murtuza Gadiwala

2. GMAT Online preparation

Looking for a top online GMAT course? Your search ends here. Our Online GMAT course is a self-paced course that prepares you fully for the Quant & Verbal sections of GMAT

The GMAT Online Course offered by Sharp Minds GMAT Prep is an in-depth GMAT course designed and taught by 99%tile ace GMAT instructor Murtuza Gadiwala.

Our online GMAT preparation course is backed by 15+ years of solid teaching experience. It is an online version of the same teaching that has helped scores of candidates crack the GMAT and get admitted to top MBA programs worldwide.

The online GMAT preparation covers the entire Math syllabus for GMAT, with special focus on topics such as Absolute Values, Inequalities &Range, Number Properties, Probability, Co-ordinate Geometry, and tricky Data Sufficiency Questions.

The online GMAT preparation course also covers the entire Verbal Ability syllabus for GMAT, with special focus on Grammar topics such as Modifier Errors, Perfect Tenses, Parallelism, and Comparison. We also have detailed coverage of approaches to different Critical Reasoning (CR) question types and Reading Comprehension (RC) passages

Besides learning material, our online coaching for GMAT includes in-built quizzes and also practice exercises with Video Solutions

You get access to GMAT preparation material designed in a mobile-friendly manner, so that you can learn even when you are on the move.

Our online GMAT preparation material includes Section wise tests and mock online GMAT practice tests

You can also opt for Only Quantitative or Only Verbal GMAT online coaching

3. GMAT Private Coaching in Mumbai & Online

Our Private GMAT tutoring course in Mumbai is offered to candidates who are reattempting the GMAT and have scored 650+ in their first GMAT attempt

We start with a set of specially designed online GMAT Diagnostic tests that help us identify your areas of strength and weakness, thereby helping us pinpoint which areas of your GMAT preparation need specific attention

Based on the results of the online GMAT diagnostic tests, we recommend to you between 5 and 12 hours of 1-on-1 private GMAT coaching sessions.

All private GMAT coaching sessions are conducted by 99th percentile GMAT instructor Murtuza Gadiwala at our center in Mumbai. Students who have signed up for our Live Online GMAT classes can also add the private tutoring option to this course

You also get access to GMAT preparation material designed by us in online format, as well as access to our sectional GMAT tests and Mock GMAT tests

In case of candidates who have not attempted the GMAT or have scored below 650 in their first GMAT attempt, we offer the 1-on-1 course as an Add-on to our Online GMAT preparation course

GMAT Course faculty

(GMAT 99th percentile)
Team Sharp Minds
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