Group Size
5 - 12 hours

Course Description

The 1-on-1 Private GMAT coaching course is offered to those GMAT candidates who have already attempted GMAT and scored at least 650 in their first attempt. The course is designed to maximize the score improvement in the second GMAT attempt.. 

How is Private GMAT tutoring offered?

We coach GMAT candidates privately by following these steps:

  1. Administering our uniquely designed GMAT Diagnostic Tests to determine weak areas
  2. Detailed analysis of the diagnostic test resullts to determine the exact course structure and duration.

Step 1: Sharp Minds GMAT Diagnostic tests

The aspirant first has to sign up for the diagnostic tests only. This is a battery of about 15 short tests that have to be taken online. The questions in these tests tell us what is it that was pulling down your GMAT score in your previous attempt. You need a total time of approx. 3 hours for the tests, but each test is about 15-20 minutes long, and all the tests need not be taken in one sitting.

Step 2: Personalised 1-on-1 sessions

Once we have the test results, we determine the content for each 1-on-1 session and also how many hours of interaction is needed. We have 3 course options for the In-person 1-on-1 Private coaching in Mumbai, as given below

5 hours

Ideal for students who have scored 700+ on GMAT and need limited interaction with us to fine tune their preparation before the next attempt.

8 hours

Ideal for students who have almost maximized their score in one GMAT section and are short of target by 3-4 points in the other. e.g. QA 49 / VA 35 kind of previous GMAT score combination

12 hours

Ideal for students who have scored short by 2-4 points in both GMAT sections and need attention in both Quant and Verbal. .e.g. QA 47 or 48/ VA 36 or 37 kind of previous GMAT score combination

GMAT aspirants who have almost completed their prep and are looking for a crash course to fine tune their preparation can also consider this course. Please keep in mind, however, that this course is not designed to cover concepts from basics.

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GMAT Course faculty

Murtuza Gadiwala
99th percentile GMAT instructor

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