Group Size
Only 5-10 students/batch
20 hrs Live + 100 hrs on-demand
  • 99th percentile GMAT Score: (770/800)
  • Author of preparatory book 'MBA Entrance made easy'
  • Featured as Education World Magazine's 'Young Achiever'
  • Over 15 years teaching expertise
  • Exclusively trains for GMAT, so you get unmatched focus
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Fabian Katrak
GMAT 760
Admitted to Yale
Pervez Asli
GMAT 750
Admitted to Harvard
Abhijit A.
GMAT 750
Admitted to INSEAD
Madhusudan Rao
GMAT 750
Admitted to HKUST
Anumita Chakraborty
GMAT 750
Admitted to Booth
Pratyush Rastogi
GMAT 740
Admitted to Booth
Deepa Kelkar
GMAT 740
Admitted to ISB
Nikhil Bhamidipati
GMAT 740
Admitted to ISB
Shreya Mathai
GMAT 730
Admitted to Harvard
Nikhil Krish
GMAT 730
Admitted to Columbia
Samba Patnaik
GMAT 720
Admitted to Booth
Indujha Natarajan
GMAT 720
Admitted to Purdue
Vinay Mhetre
GMAT 720
Admitted to ESMT
Zareer Vandrevala
GMAT 720
Admitted to Babson Olin
Chintu Gandhi
GMAT 720
Admitted to Imperial London
Pritish Pillai
GMAT 720
Admitted to IIM-A PGPX
Ashish Agrawal
GMAT 720
Admitted to Stanford
Samta Lalan
GMAT 710
Admitted to London Business School
Neha Kabra
GMAT 710
Admitted to IMD
Sidharth Negandhi
GMAT 710
Admitted to ISB
Shailesh Mishra
GMAT 710
Admitted to IE
Ranjan Barnwal
GMAT 710
Admitted to Queen's
Rishiraj Ranga
GMAT 710
Admitted to ISB
Santosh Subramanian
GMAT 710
Admitted to SPJIMR
Anand Naik
GMAT 710
Admitted to IIM-A PGPX
Shambhavi Prasad
GMAT 710
Admitted to McCombs

Course Description

Also available: Self-paced Online GMAT course (click here to view details)

Sharp Minds now offers candidates across the world a medium to prepare with Mumbai's #1 GMAT instructor with an end-to-end Online GMAT coaching course with Live Online coaching.

How it is structured

The Online GMAT course offered by Sharp Minds consists of 3 parts:

  1. Live Online GMAT Classes covering core areas of GMAT (10 sessions)
  2. On-demand Online GMAT preparation through our Learning Management System (LMS) (100+ hours)
  3. 2 FREE 1-on-1 online sessions of 45 minutes each with the instructor

1. Live Online GMAT classes

All Live Online GMAT classes are conducted by 99th percentile GMAT instructor Murtuza Gadiwala, who has over 15 years of experience in coaching students for GMAT.

In the Live GMAT classes, the instructor will explain important methods and techniques that you can use to tackle challenging GMAT questions faster. You will also learn newer methods and shortcuts to approach various GMAT questions in both the Quantitative and Verbal sections.

2. On-demand Online GMAT preparation

You will get access to our uniquely designed Online GMAT course content that covers all of the following

  1. Reading material, Topic-wise Videos, In-built quizzes covering the entire Quantitative Ability section of GMAT
  2. Reading material, Topic-wise Videos, In-built quizzes covering the entire Verbal Ability section of GMAT
  3. Revision Exercises for all core GMAT concepts with hints & solutions
  4. Concept building Exercises with Video solutions
  5. Section wise tests at 3 levels of difficulty (over 20 tests)
  6. Full length Mock GMAT tests (3 tests)

This option can also be taken separately either fully or partly as a self-paced online GMAT course

3. Free 1-on-1 Online sessions with the instructor

You can schedule these sessions anytime during the course at available timings. It would be ideal to have the first session either midway thru your prep of after the initial online sessions, and the second session with about 3-4 weeks to go for your GMAT exam.

Additional Online support

Besides getting a chance to interact Live with the instructor during the Online GMAT classes, you also get online email support for queries that you may have

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GMAT Course faculty

Murtuza Gadiwala
99th percentile GMAT instructor
Online Teacher

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