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Course Description

Objective: To work alongside the applicant in order to clearly and concisely identify and articulate relevant and important ideas for b-school MBA application essays or SoPs and to advise the applicant in shortlisting b-schools.

What is included in the admissions consulting services?

  1. Assistance in selecting which b-schools to apply to
  2. Generating ideas and content for key questions asked in application forms and interviews
  3. Reviewing the draft essays written by the applicant and suggesting revision and changes
  4. Editing the essay prepared by the candidate to make it stand-out from the pool of applicants.

Step 1: Ideation

Here we work with the candidate to make sure the candidate has clear ideas about the following important areas of focus in any application:

  • Career goals - Defining Career Goals clearly, concisely, and as precisely as possible. Includes short term, medium term, and long term career goals. 
  • Career Path - Spelling out career path post-MBA / Masters in management program. 
  • Why MBA - Explaining why an MBA / Masters course is the right next step in the candidate's career
  • Integration - Integrating past work-experience with post-MBA career plans
  • Professional & Personal review - Identifying areas from professional and non-professional life that can be highlighted in answers to strengthen the applicant's profile

At the end of Step-1, you will be ready to answer most of the commonly asked questions on b-school application forms.

In other words, you can proceed with answering questions on your own if you so wish.

However, in case you need help with essay editing, you may opt for Step-2 as well

Step 2: Essay review and editing

Based on the inputs given in Step-1 of the process, the candidate can now confidently proceed to prepare the draft answers for all essay questions in the application form. Once the draft has been prepared, we do the following:.

  • Detailed review of the draft answer prepared by the applicant to check for quality of content and presentation
  • Suggesting changes to the draft with specific pointers on what needs to be modified and how
  • To request for additional details from the candidate if the essay content touches upon something not mentioned in Step-1 by the candidate
  • To recheck the revised answers submitted by the candidate
  • To perform a final edit on the essays to make sure they are presented as convincing, clear, and precise answers that will appeal to the admissions team.
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