Which is better: A 1-year MBA or a 2-year MBA program?

Overall, there is no difference in the output / credibility of the two programs - 1-year MBA or 2-year MBA. The differences are as follows:

  1. A 1-year MBA program will always be more intensive than a 2-year program, and will therefore be more demanding
  2. Your cost of tuition and cost of living for a 1-year MBA will be lower than that for a 2-year MBA
  3. A 2-year MBA will include a 3 month internship, which 1-year programs do not offer
  4. You will be back on the job within a year in a 1-year MBA, hence your opportunity cost of income foregone will be lower
  5. Most US b-schools offer only 2-year MBAs, hence if you are looking for a 1-year MBA, you will have to look outside US
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