Some b-school applications ask for 'Any additional info...' as an optional essay. What should I write here?

In the 'Any additional information you wish to share…' essay, feel free to write anything which is relevant to the application and which you could not convey in the other essay questions. For example,

  1. You may want to talk about your other qualifications, such as a previous MBA, in more detail. You can use this essay to explain to the b-school why you wish to pursue the MBA program once again inspite of having a similar qualification.
  2. You can explain any gaps in your resume. For instance, if you had taken a break from work for about 6 months, you can use this essay to explain the reasons for the same
  3. You can explain your poor academic performance during any period in your academic career
  4. You can talk about any extra-curricular activities that you have not been able to elaborate on in the other essay questions but which you feel might be useful for the admissions committee to know
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