How much does an MBA abroad cost?

The total cost of pursuing an MBA abroad consists of the following factors:

  1. Tuition fee for the MBA program
  2. Books, insurance etc
  3. Cost of living & accommodation and other day to day expenses

The cost of tuition constitutes the biggest chunk of the total cost. While the total cost ranges from ₹ 50 lakh to ₹ 1.4 crores, it does vary significantly depending on the country and also on the duration of the MBA program. One year MBA programs work out much cheaper than two year ones, and most one year MBA programs can be pursued for a cost ranging between ₹ 50 lakh and ₹ 80 lakh. On the other hand, most 2-year MBA programs in the US cost upwards of ₹ 1.1 crores. This is because annual tuition for MBA programs in the US ranges from USD 50000 to USD 75000, while cost of living and other expenses range from USD 20000 to USD 35000 per annum.

Given below is the approximate Total Cost for a some well reputed MBA programs abroad:

Stanford (USA) – USD 225,000 for a 2-year program
Wharton (USA) – USD 220,000 for a 2-year program
London Business School (UK) – £ 110,000 for a 15 month program
Oxford-Said (UK) – £ 80,000 for a 12-month program
INSEAD (France Campus) –  € 120,000 for a 12-month program
HKUST (Hong Kong) – HKD 850,000 for a 12 month program
Nanyang (Singapore) – SGD 80,000 for a 12-month program

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