How are GMAT scores calculated? What does GMAT percentile score mean?

There are 5 scores that are reported on your GMAT score report after you take the GMAT exam

  1. The Verbal Ability sectional scaled score, which ranges from 6 to 51
  2. The Quantitative ability (Math) sectional scaled score, which also ranges from 6 to 51
  3. The Overall GMAT score, which is out of 800. The overall score is derived from the Verbal & Math scores.
  4. The AWA essay scaled score which is out of 6.0
  5. The Integrated Reasoning section core which is out of 8.0

With each of these 5 scores, you also get a percentile score. The percentile score tells you how you have fared out of every 100 candidates taking the GMAT. For e.g. if your percentile score in the Verbal section is 98 percentile, it means that for every 100 candidates attempting the GMAT, you are ahead of 98 candidates

The scaled scores are computed by the software taking into account the difficulty level of questions that you answered correctly and incorrectly. It is NOT a function of how many of your answers were correct and how many questions you answered incorrectly. In other words, in the Quantitative ability section, for instance, a candidate answering 22 questions correctly and 9 incorrectly can actually end up with a higher scaled score than a candidate answering 23 questions correctly and 8 incorrectly

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