Do I need to join GMAT Classes in order to prepare for the exam?

Our response to this question is likely to be biased since we offer GMAT classes in Mumbai and also offer Online Live GMAT coaching courses. While it is not necessary to take GMAT classes and while there are many who excel on GMAT without any formal coaching, taking a  GMAT preparatory course can have the following advantages:

  1. You have someone to guide you throughout your GMAT preparation
  2. You may not have enough time to research for your GMAT preparation. You run the risk of referring / relying on the wrong sources of information
  3. You save time by joining a GMAT course because classroom coaching takes comparatively less time than reading books and is more effective if you have a good and experienced GMAT instructor
  4. The course schedule of your GMAT classes automatically imposes a schedule on you and hence your preparation gets more disciplined
  5. Each GMAT attempt costs you $250. Hence taking multiple attempts without coaching may turn out to be more expensive than taking just one successful attempt after joining a good GMAT coaching program
  6. Investing in good quality GMAT coaching can pay huge dividends. If the coaching can help improve your score by just 30 points (say, 720 instead of 690), and thus help you get into a better MBA program, the salary earned post MBA could be about $15000-$50000 higher per year than what it could otherwise have been.

At Sharp Minds GMAT Prep, we offer GMAT classes in small groups in Mumbai, 1-on-1 private GMAT coaching in Mumbai and also Online, and Live online GMAT tutoring courses that prepare you for a 710+ score on GMAT.

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